Todd Karns (Harry Bailey) – Artist


Todd Karns who played Harry Bailey, never painted a picture until January, 1948. According to a 1949 press release “Todd started dabbling with a box of 10-cent store water colors his daughter, Tina, two, got for Christmas, 1947. His wife thought it was pretty good. He did three paintings. A buyer for a Los Angeles drugstore bought them immediately. For the last several months, Todd’s income from painting has averaged $500 a month.”


Todd Karns’ paintings of Bedford Falls.  From the collection of Karolyn Grimes.


Todd Karns holding one of his paintings.  According to a 1949 press release:  “It shows a San Francisco street scene of 1851 when the city was celebrating the first anniversary of its admittance to the Union.  The painting is being done for Mrs. Hazel Ely Chambers of New York, whose grandfather, J.H. Still, owned the printing and newspaper building in the center of the picture.”


Todd Karns, age 27, painting in his home-made backyard studio in Hollywood.

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