Magazine Features

Our favorite actors generated a lot of attention in their day and we have the magazines to prove it.


Ivory Flakes

Before “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Cornflakes painted white were used for snow.  To avoid the “crunch,” Frank Capra used three types of snow in “It’s A Wonderful Life”:  Ivory soap flakes, chipped ice, and something called foamite, which is similar to what is used in fire extinguishers today.  Soapy suds can be seen in the […]


“It’s a Wonderful Life” Snow Globes

The themes of “It’s a Wonderful Life” have been reproduced many times in snow globes.  Eight different rare snow globes from the personal collection of Karolyn Grimes are on display in the Museum.

Todd Karns (Harry Bailey) – Artist

Todd Karns who played Harry Bailey, never painted a picture until January, 1948. According to a 1949 press release “Todd started dabbling with a box of 10-cent store water colors his daughter, Tina, two, got for Christmas, 1947. His wife thought it was pretty good. He did three paintings. A buyer for a Los Angeles […]


Gower’s Drugstore Memorabilia

Cigar lighter, c. 100 years old, that is like the one in Gower’s Drugstore. “Hot Dog! I wish I had a million dollars.” From the collection of John Mencl. “National Geographic Magazine” from October, 1913, signed by Bobbie Anderson (Young George): “Say, Brainless, don’t you know where coconuts come from?” From the collection of Karolyn Grimes. […]